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This website is devoted to providing unbiased information on all aspects of the enjoyment of classical music, including information on classical music composers and performers, recordings of classical music, and audio equipment.

While we do have advertisements on the site, they are general in nature in order to ensure that our reviews our not influenced by advertising dollars. Put simply, we enjoy classical music and want to share that enjoyment with our readers. We hope you enjoy looking around the site, welcome your comments, and hope, above all, that your enjoyment of classical music is enriched (or at least that your curiosity about classical music is piqued) by our work.


Why We Sometimes Say "We"

A reasonable person might ask why we occasionally use the royal "we" in our articles if this is, indeed, Daniel McAdam's website. It is simply a matter of preference.


We Also Write

In addition to enjoying music, we also devote a substantial amount of time to writing. Consequently there are a few essays on this website related to writers and writing:

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Organizations for Mystery Writers


How Much Should You Write Each Day?


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Daniel McAdam may be reached via e-mail at djmcadam@gmail.com.





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