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I ran across the Amadis classical music label lately when I was browsing - as I am wont to do - in the closeout section of a record store.  There I found what appeared to be a wonderful bargain; a 2-CD set of Chopin's Waltzes and Etudes, for $2.99, marked down from an original low price of $6.99. 

Chopin at $1.50 per disc?  Such things do happen.  The pianist was István Székely, and the information on the back of the CD set stated that the Etudes were recorded in four days in September, 1987 and the Waltzes in five days in October, 1987, both at the Italian Institute in Budapest. 

Some internet research revealed that Amadis is a Naxos label, and here's what the folks at Naxos have to say about it:

"Amadis is the super-budget label with a difference. In a market place flooded with inferior product, with old recordings passed off as new digital recordings using fictitious names of conductors and orchestras to disguise their origins, Amadis is a breath of fresh air. Amadis offers a basic repertoire of the best known works by the greatest composers in critically acclaimed all-digital recordings, performed by well-known conductors and orchestras. In contrast to most labels at this price, there is a steady flow of new releases."

Fictitious names of conductors and orchestras?  Sometimes I'm sorry I do research, as it only turns up more things to worry about....

In any event, the sound quality of the CD I purchased is very good, and the set would have been a great bargain even at $6.99.  István Székely is not a household name, but he's an excellent interpreter of Chopin.  If all Amadis recordings are this good, you'll be happy to add some to your music library.



Naxos continues the Amadis label, but their description has been slightly changed. Here's the current version:

This is the super-budget label of the Naxos family of labels. It offers a wide range of original recordings of the core classical repertoire but also titles deleted from the Naxos catalogue.





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