Capriccio Label

Capriccio is a classical label controlled by Delta Music Holding AG, and founded by Delta in 1982.  One sometimes comes across the German-language name of the label, which is Capriccio Klassik. The label produces boxed set CD's, classical DVD's (some in PAL format, some in NTSC - pay attention!), and some SACD's. 

I don't have a great deal more information to offer, other than to offer a personal experience.  Some time ago, I purchased a two-CD set (boxed, for some reason) of Schubert music.  CD 1 was performed by the Budapest Strings, led by Concertmaster Béla Bánfalvi, and contained a number of interesting pieces, including 5 German Dances, 5 Minuets, 3 Small Pieces, and the Military March in D major, op 51,1.  CD 2 contained the String Quintet in C major, op 163, performed by the Tatrai Quartet, with a guest playing the second cello.  The sound quality on the two CD's is quite good. 

I'm at a loss regarding price, since I don't recall what I paid for the 2-CD set.  The list price was $29.98 but, knowing my frugal nature, I am quite confident that I paid less.



Capriccio is still going strong, which is not always the case with classical music record labels, and they continue to release new and interesting recordings. Their website is located at





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