Audio Equipment for Classical Music

There are, at present, any number of ways in which to listen to a classical music recording. Some methods are, unquestionably, more convenient than others, just as some methods are significantly less expensive than others. More importantly, but often overlooked, is the fact that some methods provide greater sound quality than others.

How to achieve greater sound quality is a fascinating question on its own, for it is not entirely a scientific one. The reason for this lies in the very unscientific term, "sound quality," the perception of which has, to the best of my knowledge, never been completely agreed upon. Does vinyl sound "warmer?" Are components with vacuum tubes superior to those without?

And then, of course, there is the question of price. Do Lansche Audio 5.1 speakers (currently $43,000 a pair) really sound that much better than the Sony SS-NA2ES speakers (currently a mere $10,000 a pair)? Is this a fair question when we have not also included the Wilson Audio Specialties Alexandria XLF speakers (currently $200,000 per pair)?

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