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Mark Twain on Alcohol, Cigars, and Writing Habits


The AAD, ADD, and DDD Codes on Music CDs

Many music CDs, classical and otherwise, have a three-letter code that is an indication of recording technology. Briefly, A stands for analog . . .

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Vinyl or CD - Which is Better?

Having grown up listening to vinyl LP's, and having had at one time a fairly large record collection, the current interest in turntables and vinyl records is not surprising to me. There is a tactile satisfaction in carefully removing a vinyl record from its sleeve and gently placing it upon a turntable that one does not experience when opening a CD jewel case and delivering the compact disc to a compact disc player. Read more . . .


Putting Together a Budget Audiophile System

There is an almost infinite number of ways to listen to recorded music, with a correspondingly vast range of costs. Fortunately for the audiophile, a term we define as, "one who highly values the listening experience," modern technology has made it possible for one with a modest audio equipment budget to hear recorded music in a manner that is far superior to what was possible in the recent past. Read more . . .


FLAC, ALAC, and Other Digital Recorded Music Formats

When it comes to appreciation of classical music, I would much rather discuss things like timbre and harmony than I would things like FLAC and WAV. Nevertheless, one does today have to have at least a basic understanding of these and other recorded music formats to know what one can and should listen to on which type of equipment. This struck me recently when I was reading a description of the Moon by Simaudio 780D Streaming DSD (Direct Stream Digital) DAC (digital to analog converter), which stated that the item's MiND (MOON intelligent Network Device) network player supports a number of file formats, including AAC, AIFF, ALAC, FLAC, FLAC HD, MP3 (VBR/CBR), OGG Vorbis, WAV, and WMA-9. Read more . . .





Heart of the Sourdough

Little Old Log Cabin




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