Nimbus Records

Nimbus Records, a British label, has an interesting history that has as much - actually more - to do with technology as it does with classical music.  The label was founded by Numa Labinsky in the early 1970's with a purpose of recording classical musicians.  Nimbus actually opened the first CD manufacturing plant in the United Kingdom, which was also the second in all of Europe, preceded only by Philips. 

The company's technology, and choice of recording material, has always been good, but its history in terms of a business is checkered. 

At this point, after several takeovers, mergers, and everything else imaginable, we believe the company (now known as ODC Nimbus) is still in business, but is no longer producing recordings. ODC stands for Optical Disc Corporation.



ODC Nimbus' website is no longer available (is this how we now tell whether someone or something has expired?), and it appears the business no longer exists.





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