Organizations for Mystery Writers

If you're serious about writing mysteries, eventually you're going to want to investigate the possibility of joining one or more mystery writer organizations.  A good idea - such organizations often provide a wealth of resources, and also serve to keep one motivated.

Mystery Writer Organizations in the United States

  • Mystery Writers of America - the premier organization for mystery writers in the USA, this is the group that awards the Edgars.  Website is located at:
  • American Crime Writers League - Interesting group, can be fun.  Website at
  • Sisters in Crime - an organization for the fairer sex, though we're not sure they'd approve of that characterization.  Website at
  • American Society of Journalists and Authors - not limited to mystery writing, or fiction, for that matter.  Website at
  • National Writers Union - not just limited to mystery writing, part of the AFL-CIO.  Website at
  • Romance Writers of America - Kiss of Death Chapter


Great Britain

  • Crime Writers Association of Great Britain - the group that gives the Dagger Awards.  Website at






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