Tring Recording Label

This classical music label has always been a bit of a mystery.

The mystery started when I purchased a CD of Schubert's Trout Quartet, paired with the same composer's String Quartet in A Minor, Op. 29, performed by the Royal Philharmonic Chamber Ensemble.  It's an excellent recording, which is not surprising, because the Royal Philharmonic Chamber Ensemble is always impressive.  The technology used to make the recording is also quite good, especially considering a recording date of 1994; 20 bit digital recording, edited and mastered via 32 bit digital sound processing (DSP) sound recording technology.

But what of Tring International PLC?  I found the following contact information for the company by doing some internet research:

Tring International Group Plc

+44 1296 615511
+44 1296 614250

All well and good, but there was also a link to a website that is no longer in existence.  Has Tring disappeared?  Until someone takes the time to inform me differently, I'm afraid this must be at least my own personal conclusion.  Pity, too, but I am glad I found the Schubert.


We can confirm that Tring was incorporated on January 26, 1990, and dissolved on January 6, 2004. Despite the 2004 date, we're really not familiar with any Tring recordings later than 2000, though there certainly could be some.





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