Great Britain 2003 Birds of Prey Presentation Pack
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Great Britain 2003 Birds of Prey Royal Mail Presentation Pack, No. 343

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This pack contains a set of ten 1st Class mint stamps and features two birds in flight, the barn owl representing the nocturnal group and the kestrel representing the diurnal group. Each bird had been captured on the wing in a series of five high speed photographs, the barn owl landing and the kestrel taking off, by bird photographer Stephen Dalton.

  • 2003 Birds of Prey Commemorative Presentation Pack. British Presentation Packs catalogue number PP312 (printed no. 343)
  • Issued by the Royal Mail on 14th January 2003
  • The pack opens to photograph of each and details their habitats, hunting and breeding patterns. There is also a reminder of the importance of their conservation.
  • Ideal as a gift or keepsake, making a wonderful addition to any collection.