US 999 Nevada Plate Block
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USA 1951 3-cent Nevada Settlement Plate Block of 4 Postage Stamps, MNH

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Mint plate block of four postage stamps. Issue Date: July 14, 1951. City: Genoa, Nevada.

NEVADA (a Spanish word meaning “snow-clad” or “snowy land,” originally applied to a snow-capped mountain range on the Pacific slope), one of the far western states of the American Union, lying between 35° and 42° N. and 114° 1' 34" and 120° 1' 34" W. (37° and 43° W. of Washington). It is bounded N. by Oregon and Idaho, E. by Utah and Arizona, the Colorado River separating it in part from the latter state, and S. and W. by California. Nevada ranks sixth in size among the states of the Union. Of its total area of 110,690 sq. m., 869 sq. m. are water surface. Its extreme length, N. and S., is 484 m., and its extreme width, E. and W., is 321 m.

I sit beneath thy stars,
The shallop moon beached on a bank of clouds,
And see thy mountains wrapped in shadowy shrouds,
⁠Glad that the darkness bars
⁠The day's suggestion—
The endless repetition of one question;
Glad that thy stony face I cannot see,