US 1683 Plate Block Telephone

USA 1976 Telephone Centennial Plate Block of 4 Postage Stamps, MNH

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On March 10, 1976, the Postal Service issued these 13-cent Telephone Centennial stamps to honor the 100th anniversary of Alexander Graham Bell's invention of the telephone. The stamp design is based on Bell's original sketch of the first telephone.

The term “telephony” was first used by Philipp Reis of Friedrichsdorf, in a lecture delivered before the Physical Society of Frankfort in 1861. But, although this lecture and Reis’s subsequent work received considerable notice, little progress was made until the subject was taken up between 1874 and 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell, a native of Edinburgh, then resident in Boston, Mass., U.S.A. Bell, like Reis, employed electricity for the reproduction of sounds; but he attacked the problem in a totally different manner.